Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Road is a LONG one

I am not exactly sure how it happened but my Disney obsession finally took over I think. Sometime between February and now we have been pretty intense in Disney planning.

On Abby's 4th Birthday we surprised her telling her we were going to be heading back to Disney this summer (I guess Jeff had more fun than I thought he did). So with some intense planning and pricing we decided to go the week school gets out this year, so we are going to try June instead of August this time. We figured that it would be more fun to have a trip early in the summer instead of spending all summer waiting for it to happen and then heading back to school right when we get back.

Then about a month later we made the big decision to buy into the Disney Vacation Club. After a long 2 months we are finally owners at Old Key West!

So how does this fit into my plan to run the Princess Half Marathon? Well, I am not completely sure how this happened. I first got excited about the chance to run it when I saw the race medals you get for completing it (yes, it is a tiara). When I told Jeff I wanted to do it his first question was "WHY?". Once I mentioned the medal his logical side came out and he offered the helpful suggestion that I could just order one from Ebay and save the training time. I don't think he thought I was serious. Well, the more I looked into it, the more fun this race looked like. I had been wanting to do something to get into shape and lose these last few baby pounds. Danny is getting older and is no longer a baby so I had no more excuses. What I did need was a motivator. What is a better motivator than a trip to Disney, getting to wear a skirt (Princess costume) to run in and earning a tiara medal?

So my plan to run the Princess Half was born. When I started training I had 10 months and 3 weeks until the race. I figure that since some Half Marathon plans say you can training in 16 weeks that I have plenty of time. I mentioned this idea to my wonderful Sister-In-Law, Leslie who said she wants to do it with me! I am hoping she does since it will be fun to have someone to run with at the race!

I did some research and I ended up deciding the Jeff Galloway's training program was a good fit for me, at least for now. He has several different programs but since it has been a LONG time since I did anything really physical, I started with his conditioning program which is 8 weeks long. I did move right into the 3rd week since I was already able to do everything in weeks 1 and 2 without too much trouble.

Today was the end of Week 5 of training and it has been going really good. Jeff has been super supportive now that he sees I want to do this. Abby even gets into stretching with me and helping me get everything ready to run.

As of now I plan to run the Race for the Cure 5k on May 26th. I want to do a race since I like the idea of a little push and I know this is a fun race from working it.

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