Thursday, February 28, 2013

Princess Half Marathon Weekend--Part 1

Jeff and I had planned to leave Friday night to head down to Disney. This made it so I only had to miss one day of work and Jeff could do what he needed to do on Friday. Throughout the week I was getting a little worried since there was a huge snow storm just to the west of us. Many flights from the Chicago area where cancelled and while I did not think it would impact us directly, you never know.

One thing that kept me going and excited all week was the poster in my classroom! When I had come into work on Wednesday I had found this outside my classroom:

Kara and Michael had come in over the break and set this up! It was so fun to see and every time I looked at it, it made me happy! I did end up moving it into my classroom on my white board because I was afraid something would happen to it.

After a stop to say goodbye to the kids, we made a final stop at Hanson's Running Shop to get Jeff a new pair of shoes. He wanted something good for walking and the weekend and that was the best place that I could think of. In the back of my mind I will admit I was hoping he would consider taking up running but I honestly know that will never happen.

We got to the airport and through security super quick. We boarded on time but sat on the runway for almost 45 minutes getting deiced and waiting to take off. This meant we landing in Orlando a little late so it was close to 9pm before we got onto the Magical Express. After a quick stop at Port Orleans Riverside, Boardwalk and the Yacht Club, we arrived at the Beach Club!! We got lucky in that since I had done online check in the greeter was able to get us our keys. The other people on our bus had to wait to check in and when we left the lobby there were still 5 families from the bus waiting to check in. Now I know that some people do not like online checkin but this is my 3rd time using it and I am completely thrilled!!

We got to the room and it was HUGE! We had decided to do a 1-bedroom villa for the first 2 nights so that we had different sleeping areas since we knew Saturday night Jeff would be up late and I would have to be up super early on Sunday. This let us not disturb each other.

Originally we had hoped to get in with enough time to go over to Epcot since it was Extra Magic Hours until 11pm. We were both so hungry and we did not have our tickets activated yet so we decided to eat at the resort. We went over to the Yacht Club and at the Crews Lounge. It was really good. I had a HUGE salad and then Jeff and I split the Club Sandwich and Cheeseburger.

We had a big day the next day so we went to bed early.

Here is our room:

Here is the kitchen, since we were in a 1-bedroom we had a full kitchen with a stove, dishwasher and full sized fridge. We only used the fridge but it was so nice.

In front of the sink was a bar with three tall chairs and a counter.

This is the living room area. The couch pulled out to a queen bed and the bench seating around the table was so nice. It was a good place to use the computer or just sit and talk.

There was also a TV and another chair across from the coach. The balcony was also that way and we looked out over the quiet pool into the inner courtyard. It was so peaceful

This was my absolute favorite part of the room! It was the biggest most awesome tub. It was so big and perfect to relax before the race and then to soak afterward.

The shower and another sink were in the next room with a door separating them. Then the toilet was in another separate area!

I didn't get pictures of it but there was also a full sized washer and dryer in the closet and off another area with storage for the high chair, pack and play and vacuum cleaner.

The master bedroom had a King bed, a little writing desk, a TV, a bench to sit on, a chair and there was an iPod dock on the clock! There was also another entrance to the balcony from the Master Bedroom. I just cannot believe how much room there was in this room. I really didn't know how big it was going to be. I do know that after this trip, I don't see how we can stay in a studio when we have the kids with us.

This trip just reinforced how great of a decision it was to buy into DVC! Hearing "Welcome Home" and feeling home was great.

Tomorrow it is off to the Fit for a Princess Expo to kick off the Princess weekend of fun!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Two More Weeks

I am having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the fact the in two weeks, the race will be over and I will be celebrating the event with Jeff. Looking back April seems so long ago. This started as something small and it has really grown. I just cannot tell you how happy I am.

Today was a hard final long run. It had snowed on Friday morning and yesterday it was really sunny so things started to melt. I thought that most of the sidewalks seems clear enough and I just did not want to be inside for another long run. Turns out this was a huge mistake. I was good until 7 miles. I was coming home to get more water from outside and it was just ice right and left. I was slipping and sliding and I was getting so frustrated. I came inside at 8.3 miles and I was just beyond annoyed with myself. I knew I would not be happy with myself so after about 10 minutes of being mad, I decided to head back out and go to Simonds to run around the school/parking lot since I knew it would be ice free. Well, two things happened. First, NO ONE had even touched their sidewalks over on that side of the sub. It was horrible. And from coming inside from the cold and sitting, I was totally locking up and uncomfortable. After 1 miles I just decided to call it a day. I did not want to risk getting hurt, it just was not worth it!

I used SpiderTech X again on my left knee and I had NO ISSUES with that one. Downside is I had pain in the other one up a little higher. I honestly think this was from the unsure footing and sliding I did. I just could not get into a rhythm and it killed my run.

I know I can go the distance, I just want to do it with as little discomfort as possible!! I will be taping and doing what I can. I found out this week that I get to start in Corral A which I honestly think is a mistake, my 10K time should have got me into B but A is a stretch. I am going to start in there in the back and off to the side. I know I can do but I am know I cannot keep up with the front group so I am not even going to try.

What a journey and to be honest, it has only just begun!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Looking ahead (way ahead)

This little picture says it all for right now. Three weeks from today I will be nearing the end of my first half marathon if things go as planned. Since things don't always go as planned, I can't be sure but I really do hope!!

Planning is almost done. My costume is set and I am actually really excited for it. It is comfy and I have no worries about it for the race. I also have a good idea of what I need to pack for the rest of the trip though I am waiting a little bit to see how the weather is going to be done there.

I think the hardest part is that Jeff doesn't really want to discuss the plans he has for the weekend. At this point I have no idea if he is going to go to the expo with me or to Hollywood studios. I don't know if he is going to try and see me on the course or at the finish line or just meet me in the Race Retreat tent (he can watch a live feed from the finish line from in there). I guess that we have a whole plane ride to figure it out, I just don't know what he wants to do.

Now, the last few weeks have been full of looking into the rest of 2013. I have decided that this is going to be the year of the races. I know I need something to keep me going and honestly I love the running/racing thing, though right now with the cold, snow and ice, I am NOT loving the training in Michigan during the winter. So, what is on the books? Well, quite a bit.

April 13th I am running the Martian Half Marathon in Dearborn. I am actually going to do this one with a Princess I met through the group. We did the Turkey Trot together so I know we will have fun!

June 2nd we are all traveling to Niagara Falls for the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon. Someone from PbRc mentioned it and I checked it out and I was SOLD. The course takes you by the falls twice which sounds so cool. Also, it is women centered and since I cannot got the Nike Women's Half in DC this year I think this is a nice option.

August 30th and September 1st is the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland. This is going to be the weekend of BLING that is for sure. First I will get one for the 10K which sounds like it will be Alice in Wonderland themed. On Sunday I will get a medal for the Disneyland Half (not my favorite Disney medal but it is still cool). Then I will also get a special medal for completing the Double Dare which is Dumbo themed and finally once I have completed the half there I will earn my Coast 2 Coast medal for completing a race at each park in the same year!!!

That brings me to October 20th which is the Detroit Marathon. I am still unsure if I will keep my Marathon registration or if I will drop down to the half but either way I am SO EXCITED.

I am not sure if I will add more in from there or even what 2014 will bring but I have a plan and I am excited. Now just wish I could get out and run today!!