Monday, December 24, 2012

Things I have learned this week:

I think a lot of this process has been about learning. Learning about running, learning about myself and learning about how things work together. The last week has brought about a lot of those moments when I finally figured something out.

First, last weekend was my first Magic Mile weekend. I was not really looking forward to it since I know my time is not the best and to have it be "official" I was unsure if I really wanted to see it for real. Since it was part of the training program I decided to trust the process. The next hurdle after deciding to do this was to find a place. Jeff Galloway really stresses using a track or a specific distance path. I could have done it at school but it would mean either driving back to work or staying after (and risking having people see me doing this) or using the 1/8 mile track at Page. Unfortunately LHS track is not open to the public to use. Another option might be the Civic Center Park loop but I didn't really think of that one. The weather was warm (52) but there was a light mist and the humidity was really high. I clocked in with a 9:52 MM. According to the Galloway calculator it means I should be training at 11:52 minutes per mile which is close to where I have been (usually a little faster) but it means my body is doing something right. So lesson one: Trust the experts

Second, the last two weeks I have had a hard time with my week day maintenance runs. Between the weather, the cold, the dark and just being lazy I have only been able to do 1 out of 4. I figured that it would be fine, I have been training and those are just short runs anyway, only 3 miles or so. What would it hurt. BOY was I wrong. I think part of my issues yesterday during my long run were because I skipped the maintenance runs. Lesson two: Respect the maintenance run recommended by the experts.

Third, it was COLD yesterday. I have run in the cold but yesterday it was the coldest I have had to deal with. It was 28 with a wind chill of 23. It was sunny and nice. I had on a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a running jacket and I was perfect (with my headband to cover my ears and gloves). The issue that I found was I kind of forgot about my legs. I had on my running leggings but they are not very thick. Around mile 7 my thighs got really tight and I know it had to do with the cold. Then once that happened I changed my stride and next thing I knew my knees were bothering me. I have not had knee issues at all in this so I know it had to do with things getting tight. Now, you might wonder why my thighs, I think it was because they are the most exposed and in "front". No idea but I know from now on if I layer the top, I am totally layering the bottom too!!! Lesson three: Make sure to dress all parts of you for the weather.

Fourth, running in new places makes running go faster. I was unsure about where to do 10 miles. I did not want to make the loop in the neighborhood since Jeff made me self conscience about what people would think of me. So I snapped on my new hydration belt and headed up to Civic Center. The 1 mile loop was nice and somehow I thought it would be fun to do the hill during mile 3. WOW, that was harder than I thought it would be but it was fun!! I will run up there again. Lesson four: Bringing water with you lets you explore new stuff which is kind of fun!!

Finally, Powerade is not evil. I have never liked Gatorade or other sports drinks. I think they taste nasty and I cannot stomach them. Well, after 10 miles in just over 2 hours the 32 ounces of Fruit Punch cold goodness was wonderful!!! Lesson five: Sports drinks have a time and a place

Overall I am proud I finished 10 miles and at this point going 13.1 seems like no problem. I do hope I can overcome this knee thing and I do know, I will not be skipping anymore midweek runs, even if it means the dreadmill at 9pm!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Shoes and Clearing My Mind

My mom got me an early Christmas present this week. I knew I had to get a new pair of shoes before Princess and I wanted to have time to break them in. When I went into Hanson's and tried on a few pairs of shoes. Nothing felt quite "right" so after talking to the sales guy, I decided to just get another pair of the Mizuno Wave Rider 15's I already had. Problem was that they did not have my size in the store so they had to get them from one of the other locations. When I went to get them I was pleasantly surprised that they were PINK!! It seems they had a 15th anniversary special edition and so these were a different color in the same shoes!

I took them out for a spin on Tuesday for my short run. I did about 2.5 miles and I again had some tightness in my RIGHT achilles. It is the exact same thing that was happening when I started running. Based on this, I am pretty sure it has to do with the new shoes. I did another almost 3 miles tonight and they felt pretty good. I have my long run this weekend and so I will go back to my old shoes. My plan is to have them completely broken in before Princess so I can wear them since they are SO CUTE!

The new ones!!
Training is ramping up and so is the weather. Trying to get my week day runs in is a challenge at times since Jeff sometimes is not home until after 5pm and it is already dark. Tuesday my mom was great and came over and stayed with the kids so I could get back before dark. Today Jeff was already home and working on the cameras so I was able to get out again before dark. It was nice to be able to clear my head and have some time for me. I really wish though that I could leave it all out there. While I feel great during my runs and right after it seems to come back and hit me hard as the night goes on. I don't really have that ongoing calm that people mention.

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