Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 Miles This Morning

The title may seem like it is nothing. I mean come on, I did 7 miles on Sunday and I am training for a half marathon. Why would I care about a 2 mile run? Well the reason is because I did 2 miles without a walk break this morning. I have been working on increasing my milage on my training runs. Galloway has mentioned that if it feels OK it is fine to not use intervals for the shorter runs so I am trying for that.

In the past I have done 1 mile and then took a short break. This morning was one of those perfect Michigan mornings. It was made for a run (and I saw 3 other runners out there). It was a perfect 62 degrees. I set out with the plan to run 1.25 then walk .25. Once I got there I felt great so I kept going. Tomorrow I am going out again (trying to get a rest day in Friday so I can run Saturday).

I honestly felt great. I love using my intervals but I want to use my training runs for endurance and speed so I can focus on length on my long runs. I am getting excited. Only 1.5 weeks until my first 10K.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

7 Miles=Maybe this isn't going to kill me

This morning was another long run where I ran the longest distance I have ever run. As I mentioned before I am sticking with the Jeff Galloway plan and am currently using the 10K training plan. This morning called for 7 miles.

This week I also started and finished the "Galloway Training Programs" book (and actually I ordered it as an actual book in class I wanted to take notes or something). The book did not tell me a lot more than I was able to get from the website but it did offer some real world stories of how his method helped runners and made running a longer distance something anyone can do. After reading this and working with his training programs for almost 4 months, I see what he is talking about.

For my run today I decided to use the biggest advice from his site and the book: Start slow and maintain the slower pace until the end. This has been hard for me. I want to do this all FAST! I mean come on, I should be doubled over and about to puke when I am done with 7 miles right? That was how it was in high school when we did any kind of distance runs. I should also be sore when this is over. Well, following his plan I was able to do all 7 miles at a 12:40 minute mile for the entire time. Now, I want to be down and closer to the 12 min/mile or even 11:30 for my race in 2 weeks. I hope the competitive nature of a race will lower my time a little. Plus when I was done today, I felt great! I wasn't sore, I didn't feel bad and I could have kept going (but I am working hard to trust the plan).

Another fun break through for me was realizing where I would be on the Princess Course after today. An online friend pointed out that 7 miles takes us from Epcot, through the Magic Kingdom and past the Grand Floridian on our way back to Epcot for the finish.

It is kind of fun to be able to look at the map and see that I can do this! 7 months from today we will be arriving down in Florida. It means I have a lot more training to do, probably the hardest training since it will be during the school year but I have time and I can do this!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

There is no turning back now--I am registered

Tuesday, July 10th was registration day. I knew I was not going to be able to get online exactly at noon when it opened since we had a watermark day scheduled, but I did know I wanted to do it the first day it opened.

When I got home I had a lot to do so I planned to do it after the kids went to bed. I have to say, going online and registering was harder than I thought it would be. First, I had to make some decisions before I went through the process. Number 1 was what Princess was I going to be. I had been thinking and I had decided on Snow White since with my hair I thought it would be easier to plan for. Next I had to decide what to do about the Race Retreat for myself and also the chEAR package for Jeff.

The Race Retreat opens at 3am the morning of the race and they have a light breakfast before it starts. Also it is temperature controlled, has private bag check and also bathrooms and a stretching area. Since I know I am going to be traveling from the resort to the race alone, I figured having a "place" would be good. After the race you get breakfast, a cocktail and it is a place to meet your people.

For Jeff the chEAR package will get him access to the grandstands and roped off viewing areas at the Magic Kingdom and at the finish. It also gets him access to the Race Retreat from the time the race starts until 10:30am so we can meet there, have breakfast and then leave together. The viewing areas are not super important. We are hoping to get into Bay Lake Tower next week when we can book. If we can do that, Jeff can come down from the room and see me before I enter the Magic Kingdom. Then he can take the monorail over to Epcot and see/meet me at the finish.

I decided that despite the extra cost, both were worth it. I am so excited. Only another 222 days until the race!