Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Escape to Belle Isle 10K

I know I have been slacking in my race reports so I am committing to getting better. Along those lines I am going to share about last weekend's race on Belle Isle.

I had noticed this race a couple months ago and since I love Belle Isle it was in my plans. Now, I knew we were coming back from Hawaii a couple days before and I wasn't sure how things were going to go so I held off registering since there was no price difference for registering day of.

June 1st I started a new training program. I am working with a personal running coach. This training has really changed how I train and how I run. At the most basic level, I am moving away from intervals for now since I have been using them as a crutch and I am also adding a lot more miles to my weekly runs. It has been a lot of work but I have honestly been enjoying myself. Now I know, what does this have to do with THIS RACE. Well, this 10K was going to be my first race with no intervals. Now remember, 7 weeks before I was using 2:1 intervals and enjoying it so this was a HUGE chance for me. Also, I usually averaged about 12-20 miles for a week with a race. This week the race would bring me to 24 miles for the week and it was a 10K!!

The day before the race, Abby decided she wanted to run with me. She has done 2 5Ks and I knew she could do the 5K. Problem was, I wanted to run the 10K for time. So what's a mom to do? Easy, I called my mom who said right away she would do the 5K with Abby and I could run the 10K for time!!! There were several other ladies from my running group (Posse Power) running so we all decide to wear our matching group skirts since Abby has one too!

Race morning was perfect weather for me! We were having another Polar Vortex (which is much better in July than in January I might add). We got to Belle Isle about 7am because I had to do same day registration. We registered quick and got our bibs and went back to the car to hang out. Everything was at the casino. The bathrooms there were open but there were no Porta Potties which was strange, I was really surprised. Didn't matter to us but I am sure the lines were a problem for some people.

It did start to lightly rain but since it was mid 60s it was fine. There was some slight confusion since when we registered Abby and I were given the wrong bib colors for our races but Running Fit Timing straightened it right out.

At 8am we headed for a picture at the fountain. Imagine my surprise when the fountain was ON. I cannot remember seeing it with water. It was clean and beautiful. It made me smile. I did a short warm up as I was instructed to do on my way back to the start line outside the casino.

Then it was time to start. I lined up and off we went. No national anthem or anything which was a little weird. Maybe they did it and I missed it but I don't think so. I was were I thought I should be and as usual I went off too fast. I was watching my pace and I knew I needed to slow down. By mile 2, I was in a rhythm and more comfortable. As we ran around the island it was like life had come back to it. They were putting new picnic tables out in one area, people were lined up for the Nature Zoo to open, sprinklers were turned on at the golf course and people were around fishing, playing with boats, biking and running.

I had made a deal with myself that I was only going to stop for 1 water stop. Well, around mile 4, I just needed to rinse my mouth so I grabbed a cup and kept going (I was so glad it was not a crowded course so I could just keep going). I promptly spilled a ton down the front of myself. It was warm out so it was fine but I had to smile. The next stop I had just taken a GU so I tried again. Well, this time it went up my nose. Oops but I didn't slow down. After Mile 5 I knew all bets were off and I needed to go as fast as I could and not pay attention to pace. As I came around the corner I saw the clock and it was at 59 minutes. WAIT WHAT?? I was going to go sub 60 so with a smile I pushed forward and finished. The end was great and my mom, Pattie and Abby were at the finish line cheering and waiting for me. I was just so happy. I had cut over 7 minutes off my best 10K time ever. The training had paid off (thanks Coach).

After we waited for my friends to finish so we could cheer them on. I love seeing people I know complete a race!

Overall, wonderful race. Flat, fast course and Belle Isle is so nice to run on. Good event. Nice medals (though they did run out for the final 10K finishers but they are mailing them out). I would do this one again!!

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  1. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!!! Look at that last mile!