Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 Miles This Morning

The title may seem like it is nothing. I mean come on, I did 7 miles on Sunday and I am training for a half marathon. Why would I care about a 2 mile run? Well the reason is because I did 2 miles without a walk break this morning. I have been working on increasing my milage on my training runs. Galloway has mentioned that if it feels OK it is fine to not use intervals for the shorter runs so I am trying for that.

In the past I have done 1 mile and then took a short break. This morning was one of those perfect Michigan mornings. It was made for a run (and I saw 3 other runners out there). It was a perfect 62 degrees. I set out with the plan to run 1.25 then walk .25. Once I got there I felt great so I kept going. Tomorrow I am going out again (trying to get a rest day in Friday so I can run Saturday).

I honestly felt great. I love using my intervals but I want to use my training runs for endurance and speed so I can focus on length on my long runs. I am getting excited. Only 1.5 weeks until my first 10K.


  1. Great job! Ian the same way about using the intervals for longer runs, but not using them during my shorter weekly runs. I'm just stubborn and feel like I should just run the whole time, so until recently I had even been quite reluctant to use intervals even on the long runs lol.

  2. Two miles is DEFINITELY worth celebrating! Running without stopping is incredibly hard, so that is an awesome accomplishment! I'm signing up for my first 10K, too, in preparation for the Princess Half Marathon. Best of luck! :)