Monday, November 19, 2012

Training inside!

This weekend I was at the NCTE conference in Las Vegas. I knew I had to get a couple runs in while I was there but I was not comfortable with outdoor running there. I was unsure of where to go and how it would be with so many people. With this in mind, I was resigned to indoors for this trip. I checked and made sure NYNY had a gym (it did) and so off I went.

Since we were up early on Friday because we were on Michigan time, I went to the gym nice and early. I got a treadmill that overlooked the small little pool there and the service area. To put it mildly, it was NOT a lot of fun. I had a horrible pace and I could just never get into the right rhythm. I did just over 2 miles and called it quits. As always happens, as soon as I got off I felt disoriented, almost like getting off a boat. It is NOT pleasant. Once again it reminded me that I am not an indoor runner, give me the outdoors and I am thrilled. That is strange coming from the girl who cannot stand camping.

As the weekend progressed I realized I was talking a horrible about back and forth from NYNY to MGM for the conference. I was walking at a brisk pace and it was over 1.5 miles each way. By Sunday when I was supposed to run again, I knew I had walked to much. The outside of my left foot was really sore and so I took the day off since I knew I had the Turkey Trot on Thursday. I figure my walking balanced things out OK and I had Tuesday or Wednesday to run before the race!

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