Monday, November 5, 2012

The Election and Running

This is not exactly running related BUT I am beginning to bring things all together in my mind. The last few weeks have been stressful with the election approaching. So many uncertainties are out there and it is hard to not worry about what might be. This last weekend I had committed to working the phone banks at the MEA office for Proposal 2 so I knew I had to plan my weekend around this. Even though it was only a couple of hours, it was going to break up my Sunday. Since I have been unusually stressed on Sundays I wanted to get a lot done Saturday and see if it helped.

Jeff had made me a massage appointment for Saturday morning and as always it was great. I generally don't like to run after I have a massage but the weather was perfect. It was cool (43 with a little wind) but the sun was out so I decided to get my 6 miles in Saturday afternoon. I have to say it was PERFECT. It got rid of my stress, I had a great run at a great pace and it was one less thing for me to schedule in on Sunday.

I have found that running really does help me clear my head. I am stressed tonight and I really wish I had gotten out for a run. I had a headache after work and Jeff was running late so I kind of got it out of my mind but I know I would feel better right now if I had.

Running has given me an escape and I think I have to just go with it and enjoy how it feels. I know tomorrow is going to be hard as the day goes on so I am going to make sure that I get out and run! I just hope whatever happens tomorrow is an improvement and not another rocky path until the next election.

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