Friday, January 11, 2013

What I have I gotten myself into?

This week has been pretty big in terms of running for me. First I was able to take advantage of the odd Michigan weather to get in two decent runs (4.2 and 2.5) this week. Second, I have agreed to a couple more races.

I have officially registered for the Detroit Full Marathon on October 20, 2013. I am not sure what I was thinking but I was thinking logically I thought when I did it. It was only $15 more to register for the full, I can move down to the half before August 1st and for my summer training I have at least 17 planned before mid August.

With that being said, I am officially registered to compete in the run Disney Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare. This is in Disneyland and it is a weekend of BLING!! It is a 10K on Saturday and a 1/2 marathon on Sunday. You earn a medal for each race, another for doing the Dumbo Double Dare and I will also earn my Coast 2 Coast medal for completing a 1/2 marathon in each of the 2 parks. So it will be a 5 Disney medal year, something not likely to happen ever again.

Finally a few ladies from work wanted to do a relay team for the Detroit Marathon. Since I am already running it, I will be leg on in the relay team, hand off the team to runner 2 and then continue on my race. I am slightly uneasy with this since I know I will be finishing SO FAR behind the team that while they are together celebrating the end I will still be on the course. This also feeds into my fears about being one of the last on the entire course since I will be in one of the smallest races and going the furthest distance and I am NOT speedy at all but I want to do this!!

Oh boy, here goes nothing. 2013, let's bring on the miles!

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