Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Night Before Half Number Four

We are in Chicago for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It has been a crazy weekend but so much fun. I will make sure to write more about the entire weekend when I get back but since it is the night before the race, I want to put my goals in writing.

A Goal--sub 2:30 again. I really do not think this is likely since the weather might be a little warmer than perfect and I walked 8 miles today around Downtown Chicago (not smart)

B Goal--Sub 2:40, I think this might work but I will have to see in the AM

C Goal--Sub 2:45, if I cannot do this, I will be disappointed in myself.

I am excited for another race but I am not mentally in race mode. Maybe it is the busy day today or the summer weather. Either way I am going to Rock n Roll tomorrow and enjoy every mile!

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