Friday, June 28, 2013

Runner Box June Review

Last shipment I was really excited with what was in my Runner Box! It was my favorite of the three I had ordered to try out and so I was wondering if this box would be as good.

This month was a nice mix of different edible samples and some non edible ones. There was no one "big" thing in this box like last month but I will say, again I was very happy with it.

This box contained these edible things:

  • Honey Stinger Energy Bar--Yum
  • Kind Bar--Again with the Kind bars. Seems they are in every company's box and I just do not like them.
  • Island Boost--Another thing like a GU shot which I am excited to try. Plus a coupon that I will be using.
  • Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie--Not sure about this one but we will see
  • Sensible Foods--This was really great. Two different packages, one of dried fruit and the other edamame. I cannot wait to taste these and use them as a natural run fuel
  • Pure Protein Bars- This also looks great
  • PROBAR Bolt Chews--Another one I am excited for since I tend to go back to chews over gels
  • Click--Protein Drink is Espresso Flavor. I do not have good luck with these so I am thinking this will just sit in my bag but maybe I will find a time to try it
  • Nuun--This is my favorite this month. I have wanted to try it but the cost for something I am unsure of was a lot. Getting to try 2 samples PLUS a discount couple made me super happy.
There were also these non edible things:
  • Leg Cramps--These are made by Hyland's which I loved for teething tablets for the kids so I will definitely try these if I get leg cramps. Plus it was a large sample which was impressive.
  • Run Guard--Kind of like Body Glide. I have not had issues with chaffing but it is good to have around. I did have a little giggle when I realized they made Nip Guards too.
  • Shower Pill-Strange name but this is a antibacterial wipe for after running. I love these and I am excited to try it.
  • Ion Designs--Sent 3 really cut iron on reflective designs. I really like these and will be putting them on soon. Plus there is a coupon!!!

Now the only thing that did not impress me was that a coupon for $5 off Knuckle Lights was included. I guess I just don't like paying to get coupons so I hope this is not something that we will be seeing more of in the boxes. I might check out the site and see but I doubt I will order them, even if they are amazing since I will feel like I paid to get the coupon. I mean I do understand not being able to give free $45 lights to everyone though so maybe this is a good balance.

Overall I again loved my Runner Box. I cannot wait to get further into my marathon training so I can try some of these things.

I will say my only "negative" about the trying new things is that for a long run (and how slow I am) I need more than 1 of something during the run. I tend to not like to try different things so I know what works and doesn't but with only 1 to try I either have to mix it up or stick with what I know works. I guess I have to figure this one out.

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  1. I saw that that this post was from you still get it and do you still like it?