Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cruise in Shoes 5K

Abby has been really wanting to run with me and has wanted to do a race. When we were in Chicago she walked over 3 miles without complaining and kept up so I knew she could do it. I was looking online and came across the Cruise in Shoes 5K that is part of the Woodward Dream Cruise weekend. Now usually we are like most locals and stay as far away from Woodward as possible during this weekend but I figured a 7:30 race would get us out before most of the crowds (so glad I was right)!!!

Another bonus for this race was that there were finisher medals for everyone since I wanted Abby to get a medal. Somehow I talked my mom, Jennifer,  and Pattie into joining us. The plan was Jennifer and I would let Abby set the pace and stay with her and Pattie and my mom would stay together and go at their pace.

Abby did so good yesterday. We got to the Memorial Park lot about 6:30am. We pinned our bibs, did our hair and made our way over to Shrine High School. I will admit, it was a lot colder than I had thought it would be but Abby did great and did not complain. Jennifer met us after running to the start from her house (it was a long run weekend) and we jumped into the start.

 I also got really lucky and finally got to meet a local Princess who I have not been able to connect with. Janie is just as sweet and nice in person as I thought she would be!!!

Abby went off really fast and her first mile was under 11 minutes. She loved the cheering on Woodward and people telling her to go. Once we got into the neighborhood she slowed down, I think more because she could, not because she had to.

The course was set so that we came up to the finish line through the neighborhood before we entered the football field so we could see the finish from about .4 miles back. As soon as Abby saw it she took off and she did not slow down. She finished so strong and I was so proud of her. It was a slow 5K for Jennifer and I but it was nice to do it with her and to have someone to talk to. My mom and Pattie did amazing too and finished just a few minutes behind us.

We had a few snacks (they had bananas, pretzels, bagels, chips and salsa and protein bars along with water). Once done we headed back to the car and you could tell the Dream Cruise was starting! The cars were out and it was so neat to see. I think we will do this race again next year and I think we will have to bring the little one so he can see the cars!!

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