Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare--Part 1 The Expo

Since I had to work on Thursday AND we were flying with a companion certificate, we were very limited in the flight choices we had. We were supposed to leave DTW before 8pm and get into LAX about 10pm. We were delayed about 30 minutes but they were able to make the time up during the flight. We landed a little after 10pm PST. Now at this point we had to get the luggage and get to Avis to get the rental car. Overall it was not a bad experience but LAX is under construction was so it was not the most pleasant experience and the traffic at the airport and getting to Avis was a little bit much so late at night.

We did have a funny. I was assigned our car, a white Kia. We got the bags in and were just getting into the car when another group walked up. Seems they were assigned the same car. Well, we were in it and we just left.

We got to Anaheim in about 35 minutes and overall not bad. We checked into Paradise Pier. We had to wait a few minutes. It was late and the person working seemed distracted but he was pleasant enough. Our room was on the 12th floor and near the elevator which was nice later in the weekend. I have to give a huge shout out to Leigh from the Mousekeplanners. She did great getting us into the room block here.

The room was super cute. It had 2 queen beds and a sofa. The beds had the cutest beach ball pillows on them (only $65 if you chose to take it home with you). We had a view of the parking lot BUT it turns out it was also the last 1/2 mile of the half marathon!!

We both crashed because we were so tired.

Friday I was up kind of early since I was still on our time. I was ready and headed to the expo about 9:40am. I had not planned to camp in line but I knew I wanted official merchandise. Jeff decided he would run to CVS with the car and get water, Gatorade and pop for the weekend which was SO NICE to have.

I got to the expo and I was in complete shock. There were people EVERYWHERE. runDisney had put green tape on the group to keep people in lines. There were lines for getting your packet and another for the expo. I jumped into the back of the expo line figuring I could get my race stuff later since we were so close. Once the line started moving shortly after 10am it was a mad house. I got lucky and a nice girl in line worked with me so we both got the things we wanted. I managed to get a Dumbo zip up, a Disneyland Half jacket, a Coast to Coast shirt, 2 straw cups, a Dumbo magnet and 2 sweatybands. Then I got into line. WOW, it was a line. It went to the back wall of the expo. After about 30 minutes I was so thirsty and still did not have my bib. I was happy since at one point I was right near Jeff Galloway as he was speaking!! It was so neat. Jeff came over to the expo and stood in line to pay for me while I went to get our park tickets and my race stuff.

It was at this time I started to see posts that the expo had been shut down for overcrowding which was completely understandable. I got in line outside and waited for about 20 minutes in the sun before I gave up. I was hungry and defeated. I asked at information how I could get my park tickets and she told me how to get into the basement area where the tickets and bibs were without standing in line. I followed her directions and there was NO LINE for park tickets or for bibs. The entire hold up was the t-shirts that had to be picked up in the expo. It was out of control. I got my tickets and my bib and joined Jeff in line. At this point he was almost to the front after over 90 minutes. I was so excited to find out a running friend was in line behind him so I got to meet her in person and her delightful daughter.

I finally got my official merchandise and we had park tickets. We went back to the room, grabbed a drink and it was time for the parks!!

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