Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time for the Wonderland 10K--Dumbo Double Dare Begins

I will start by saying, Disneyland races are so different from ones at DisneyWorld. I had read about them and I had looked at the maps but WOW, I was shocked when I made the walk from Paradise Pier over to the start line. It was crowded but nothing like WDW and it was SO CLOSE!!!

I got there super early so I could be there for the Princess Posse picture and the PbRC picture. It was so fun to see the costumes and to see people in person for the first time. I have to say, once again the running community is the best and the most welcoming!

After pictures and talking we made our way to the corrals. Now since we had all done this before we waited. By the time we got to D corral, it was completely packed. I mean there was NO WHERE for us to go. We ended up kind of sneaking into the front of the corral which was nice but it was not laid out well or in a position to fit as many people in as needed to be there. They did delay the corrals so there was more time between starts.

In the corral we got talking about how we were going to manage the timing/pace for this race. I said I was going to go slow and use my intervals. Melissa was there and decided to stick with me and use my 2:1. When we went off at the start Jeff Galloway was in front of us. It was so cool to watch him. He was using his usual :30/:30 and he took off and left us in the dust within the first mile.

I personally think the course for the 10K was altered so we did not cross the 5K course because the water stations did not match what was on maps from before the race. Melissa and I stuck together and I have to admit it was a HOT day.

There were not many character stops in the beginning and the ones we did pass were BUSY. Since it was the Wonderland 10K they were all Alice in Wonderland characters. We did stop at a couple places and we had a great time!

Our time was not great but we had an awesome time!!!

After the race, we decided to spend the day exploring Los Angels. Now that was a fun day!!

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