Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kona Chocolate Run

Well this was supposed to be my break out race, the amazing 10K following the marathon, my chance to move up for placement for Princess Weekend. Instead it was a flop and it was 100% my own fault.

Since Detroit, I have been slacking with training. I could go through the list of excuses that I had been using but in the end it boiled down to, I just took too much time off and I paid for it.

In the week leading up to the race, the weather did not look to promising. It was supposed to be warm (low of 56) but rain was in the forecast. I wasn't worried about rain as long as the temperate held out.

Saturday before the race we decided to make the trip over to Plymouth to get the race stuff. It was a bit of driving but I prefer to not have to worry about stuff that morning if at all possible. Plus, I wanted my jacket!!! We got there not too long after opening and there was no problem getting in and getting our stuff and getting out. The kids checked out the expo area (their favorite thing to do) and we headed home.

Sunday dawned very rainy. Actually when I woke up it was POURING. Oh well, I got ready and headed over to meet my mom and Jennifer. It was going to be mom's first 10K and I was so excited for her. The drive in was fine and we found a parking spot with no problems. No rain at this point. We got over to the start and met up with another friend Janie and her mom and friend for pictures!!! So far the rain had stopped and was holding out.

The race had 2 starts for the 10K and we were all in the 2nd wave. It was 10+ minute mile pace. I was really hoping to be towards the front of this group but life had other plans. I just was not feeling it from the very beginning. I was pushing during each interval. By the half way mark the rain started. Then the rain really started. It was really warm though so it was not really unpleasant. It was about this point Jennifer and I came upon a group doing 2:1 intervals too. Tony and crew were cheering and having a blast. We stayed with them for the next 2.5 miles then I was just done. I told them to go ahead and I would get to the finish.

It was not pretty and it was nowhere close to a PR but I finished in 1:10. The end of the race had a chocolate buffet but by the time we got to the finish the line was around the park with no sign of the end. We decided it was not worth the wait and went to the finish line to see my mom. We got to see her cross which was awesome. She did so great and I hope I have convinced her she can do more races!!!

I did love the course, it was through the neighborhoods of Plymouth and I will for sure do another Kona race!!!

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