Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TinkerBell Weekend Recap--Part 1

Looking back I realize I have been doing a horrible job of keeping up on my races and the fun. Tonight I looked back at my Princess Recap from last year and I was reminded of so many wonderful things I had forgotten. This has motivated me to make sure to record the TinkerBell Weekend experience.

Who could resist this?
I knew last summer I was going to do Coast to Coast again in 2014 when runDisney announced the new Pink Coast to Coast medal that was going to be offered for people who completed both of the women focused races in 2014.

I made sure to sign up as soon as I was able to. As luck would have it, I was able to register for Tinker Bell at the same time as I registered for the new Glass Slipper Challenge during Princess weekend. Since I was registered, I was committed right?

I knew Jeff really did not want to do another super quick west coast trip so when I first started planning things I was planning to go by myself. I was going to fly out Friday night and then come back on the Red Eye on Sunday night for PD on Monday. Well, as planning continued my mom decided she wanted to come with me (awesome, girls weekend) and then I got the amazing news that Holly had a flight credit and was going to come too!!!

I thought we were all set and then runDisney released the 10K medal for Tinker Bell weekend. I knew that even without that challenge that weekend I wanted to do it. Somehow I convinced my mom to run it with me and the weekend just got more interesting.

All went according to plan and we arrived in LA and got the rental car, got to the hotel and checked in. We stayed at the Anabella and I was really impressed with the room. We had a king bed and a full bed in a little alcove area. I had an amazing friend who got our race stuff so we got everything ready and went to bed pretty much right away since it had been a long day and the next morning it was RACE time.

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