Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TinkerBell Weekend Recap--Part 2 (the 10K and Saturday at the parks)

Saturday morning (January 18, 2014) meant the usual early Disney start. I have to say, West Coast races are not as bad though because even though it was early, it was not that early to us! Holly decide to get up and go with us and be the official photographer for the day. We met up with 3 ladies I knew from my online running group and we made the walk over to the staging area. Unlike for the Disneyland Half in August, this race stages in the Paradise Pier parking lot and the corrals lined up in front of Paradise Pier.

We went over to the area and took pictures and hung out. It was not long at all before we went to the corrals for the start. We said goodbye to Holly with plans to see her on the course. Again, we were super lucky to have a bunch of people I knew in our corral so the time passed fast. Before I knew it we were off and running.

I have to say, I LOVE the 10K course at Disneyland. It is almost all through the parks and Downtown Disney.

There were so many character stops and fun things to see. From the floats and the farm animals to SO many cast members out and cheering for us.

It was just so much fun. We took a lot of pictures but we did not stop for every picture stop and that was OK. We got really lucky and Holly was able to see us 3 different times on the course. She really worked her butt off to get to the different view points and I think she might have had a rougher time than we did. I told her she should have just done the 10K with it but she didn't believe me!
At California Adventure

Running through Carsland
I just cannot even begin to list all the amazing shots we got but the best part was to do this with my mom!

You can see my flat running friend in this picture

Outside "It's a Small World"
Our Castle picture!

We got runDisney space blankets
This really was an amazing day and race and it was not even breakfast time yet. I knew if the morning had been this good it was only going to get better once we got out to the Expo and the parks.

We went back and got ready to hit the parks but first we had to eat breakfast and get to the expo. I was so excited for my outfit for the day. My friend Judi had made this skirt for me and it was so much fun to wear. I put my Black Silk SparkleSkirt under it and it was perfect for park hopping.

At the expo we had to get Holly's park ticket, both the cheer squad packages and I wanted a picture with Jeff Galloway. When I met him in August my camera battery was dead so this was a must do. I admire him so much because he convinced me I can do what I set my mind to and I don't think without him and his training plans I would have had the courage to try to accomplish all I have!

After this we decide to hit the parks. We went to California Adventure so we could get the free VISA picture and just have fun. The park seemed busier than when we were there in August which really surprised me. I thought Labor Day weekend would be far worse than MLK day weekend. It was still a lot of fun.

We did take a nap during the day before going to dinner at Carthay Circle and to see World of Color. I will say, the pork chop really was the best thing ever though I do not think I would recommend going there for the World of Color package, it was good but not that good.

Before I knew it, it was time for bed before the next day was time for the HALF!!

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