Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am excited for my long run

This seems like an uneventful post but I am honestly excited about my run tonight. I am up to the point in my training where I am challenging things a little more and today is the first step. I am running four miles today (and again next weekend). I am working hard since I signed up to run my first 10K in August. I had originally thought I would just do the 5K but I want to try and get a time I am happy with to submit to RunDisney so I will have this race and then another one in September. I have considered doing the Turkey Trot downtown but I am kind of unsure about that one, we will see.

So tonight I plan to complete my mileage at a true training pace (we will see since I can't seem to do it because I want to go too fast which will not be good for the half). I am just looking forward to it. The weather is perfect and it is something I am excited to do.

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