Saturday, June 9, 2012

What happened to me this week?

What a week this has been. On Monday I lost my voice. I had been a little stuffy over the weekend but nothing major so the fact that I could not talk was a shock. Since I felt fine, I went for a run Tuesday night as planned. It was actually great. I took a new route and decided to up my time a little. I ended up doing over 3 miles for a short distance night. It felt great. Finally on Friday I could talk but I was not feeling great. I had a nagging headache that seemed sinus related but since I was not stuffed up I kind of ignored it and headed out for a run. What a disaster. I did not even make 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. I felt like my head was going to blow.

When I got home it was even worse. While I was gone, Jeff had been playing with the kids outside. Somehow Danny managed to get a large splinter in his finger but it broke off and there was no place to grab. With some amazing distracting by Jeff with a car show, we got it out with very little mess.

Tomorrow I have to make up for this week. I am hoping for a repeat of last weekend (a nice 4.5 miles and I felt awesome). This is our Disney week and I want to get a good run in tomorrow and another one in Tuesday. I hope to run twice down there but I am going to play that by ear and see how things are going with all the walking and the heat. I do want to run around Beach Club though since it sounds like a great path! Wish me luck!

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