Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New newest running toy

It seems that every good hobby comes with accessories right? I have bought the shoes, the socks, the running shorts and shirts and even the interval timer. When I decided to follow the Galloway plans I knew I needed something so I ordered the very affordable GymBoss. Turns out they are a local company which was even cooler. For the last 8 weeks this little machine has served me well.

I have also been using to map out my runs and to calculate the times for my per mile time and the distance. Overall it has worked quite well. Couple things I was not in love with. First, twice I have accidentally reset the time and it has happened at the worst times (the last one being at the Race for the Cure). It goes to a 3/1 interval with a beep between whereas I wanted a 2/1 interval with a vibrate alert. It messed me up but not too bad. The second issue is I want to run in the Nature Center but I never know the distance and because of the trees I cannot map the run path out. Finally I can never get an accurate estimate of my pace time. I have to calculate where I am distance wise and then how many intervals I have done and finally I can maybe figure it out in my head.

So I decided it was time to upgrade. Now, I couldn't just get a basic thing because the price difference was not a lot because the most basic GPSwatch/timer and the one that seems to do it all. I ended up with this new little beauty:

It already has one draw back over the one above and that is the size. My wrist is all bone and this wristband does not conform to it well. So I am either going to have to wear it closer to my elbow or I am going to try a sweat wristband for padding. It is charging right now otherwise we would have already taken out first spin outside. Can't wait until tomorrow night!! I hope I love it as much as I want to love it (even if it kills me because for this price, I have to love it)!

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