Friday, May 31, 2013

Setting my race goals (with some runDisney thrown in)

This weekend I set out for my third half marathon. For some reason I am really excited about this which surprises me kind of since it involves a 4.5 hour car ride to get there and anyone who knows me knows that is not my favorite thing at all.

I know it is not the weather I am looking forward to since it is 60% chance of thunderstorms, it is not the car ride but it is the chance to run a race without snow, without characters and with a chance to see and feel Niagara Falls as I run.


  • A Goal: Sub 2:30--my plan is to start with the 2:30 run/walk pace group. I don't know what intervals they are going to use so I am not sure if I will stick with them. 2:1 has been working well for me and I think I want to stay with that.
  • B Goal: Sub 2:42--This is my current Personal Record so I want to beat it since I was having leg craps and the sleet and 20mph winds messed with me last race.
  • C Goal: Sub 2:52--I mean come on, I have to beat a race I stopped for pictures at right?

We will see. Now I am going to finish getting ready and I am going to dream of the Dumbo Double Dare medals that have officially been released!

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