Friday, May 10, 2013

runDisney Announces the new medal for Disneyland weekend and I AM EXCITED

Overall, this has been a down week. It is the end of the school year which means a ton of things going on and that have to get done, I have been struggling with some feelings/insecurities and I have been unsure about how this year will go with all the races I have scheduled. I think I am just in one of those places that everyone gets at times.

Saturday was a highlight day for me. I was able to complete just over 12 miles. My pace stayed below 12mm and while it is not amazing, it was consistent and I think I have to be able to maintain before I can focus on dropping time. I really had a great time though. The kids had breakfast with my mom so I ran from there. Being in the old neighborhood was nice. I also spent a while up at the hill so I could use the 1 mile loop. Everyone there was super friendly and it was so nice to see people out and about. There were several couples out running/walking together, people who looked to be on break from work and there was even a boot camp thing going on. It was GREAT and I plan to spend a lot of time there next weekend when I do my 14 mile one. I plan to do that one on Saturday again since it worked so well.

Now that 14 miles is a whole thing. I need to do something to improve at Niagara Falls. Galloway recommends a 14 miler which I never did. Maybe it will push me over to improving some!!

Today runDisney sent a message to those attending the Disneyland Half weekend to watch for an announcement about an hour later. It turned out that it was the announcement of the medals for the races that weekend. It included the Disneyland Half Medal (which is the same D as last year with a new ribbon), the new 10K medal and the Dumbo Double Dare Medal. They are amazing. There was also the 5K medal but I am not registered for that since it did not look like you could do the 5K and 10K because of timing.

For now, I am going to try and focus on the good and not the things that I am missing or am sad about. Only another month before summer is here with lots of time for the kids, running and refocusing. Until then: DISNEY MEDAL DREAMS!!!

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