Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Subscription Boxes Review

I have been hearing a lot about the running subscription boxes. These are boxes that are sent on a regular basis (either monthly or bimonthly). They contain different samples of products each time. Now I love running stuff. I don't know why but I do love trying different stuff. I also like accessories. These boxes seem to be a fun way for me to try stuff.

The first one I tried was The Runner Box. I had wanted to sign up for the small monthly subscription for $10 a month but when I signed up it was not available. It seems as of now (a month later) it is available again but honestly I really liked the size of the bi-monthly one for $20. They also offer a one time gift box and a gluten free box. They also have a TriBox for tri-athletes. One thing is that you do pay shipping on the box.

My first surprise was I got an email asking me for my shoe/socks size. That was interesting. Well when I got my box I knew why!!!

 This was my fun mail day. I also got a new SparkleSkirt with this shipment (I will review this later).

In the box I got a green card that explained all the things inside with web addresses and some discount codes if I wanted to order the products!

Fuel wise the box included:

  • A Sample of Clif ShotBlocks-Margarita
  • Energybits
  • Chocolate Gel #9 that I am excited to try
  • A Recover Bar
  • Huma Gel that I also can't wait to try
  • Cytomax Sports Drink mix
Then there were the really fun things. First the blue packet of WIN is a laundry detergent for atheletic stuff. I used it and liked it though I am not sure I noticed anything different than using my Woolite Dark. Also there was a nice sized sample of Slik Skin Strong to prevent chafing which is not a problem for me but it looks like a good product. Another fun surprise was a fabric hair-bracelet. I love these things. I have a couple and they are awesome. This one supports Haiti efforts. Finally the best thing was a pair of Injinji Socks. I love them. I have worn them for for short runs and they are great. I am not sure if I want to try a long run but I like them a lot and there was a 40% off coupon.

REVIEW: I am impressed and I am glad to keep my subscription

A couple days later I received my second box. This one was the StrideBox. This box I signed up for the monthly subscription for $15 a month with free shipping. There do not appear to be other options at this time. When this box arrived my wonderful husband began to tease me and he thinks I am slightly crazy.

This box came with a nice colored card with information and prices on each of the items to give you an idea of what the value of the box is.

Fuel wise the box included:
  • Assorted Sports Bean package--Love these
  • Honey Stingers--Again, love these
  • Just Great Stuff Bar--I tried it and not my favorite
  • VFuel
  • Bonk Breaker in PB& J
  •  Perfect Fit Protein-Vanilla, now this is another exciting one for me since one of my summer goals is to get a good morning smoothie going that I can tolerate before I run
The other things in the box that were fun was a sample of a bottle cleaner from Bottle Bright that I am excited to try. There was a sample of blister protectors from Pro-Tec Athletics and finally my favorite thing, Klitch clips! The Klitch clips let you clip your running shoes on the outside of a bag. I can't wait to use them!

REVIEW: I am unsure if it is worth it. I can get the single samples at the sports store or the running store. I am going to give it one more shipment before making a final decision about keeping it. It had less in it than the Runner Box but it was cheaper and no shipping.

My final real running subscription box is the Kona Kase. I was able to get this box for half off through a deal I found so the box with shipping was $7.50. The box was a nice red box and inside there were fuel and snacks.

  • Popcorners-- popcorn chips that I am excited to try
  • A Luna Bar
  • GU Energy Gel in 2 flavors
  • GU Chomps in 2 flavors
  • GU Electrolyte Brew (I have tried this before and did not like it then)
  • GU Recovery Brew that looks OK.
REVIEW: Out of the 3, this is the one I will not continue. I just was not impressed, especially compared to the other 2. I am going to cancel this box just because I do not see the real value of this box.

I also order the NatureBox which has snacks that I want to try as healthy, natural fuel but this might also be snacks. I will post this separately.

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