Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting ready for my first "race"

I am not entirely sure what I was thinking when I came up with the bright idea to run in the Detroit Race of the Cure as my first event. It is a wonderful cause and a great environment downtown but I don't think I really thought through this before.

Prior to Abby being born I volunteered in the Kids section at the race. It was a lot of run and I got to be in the middle of 1000s of people all there for the same reason. What I seemed to forget or maybe it was I never knew, was that over 40,000 people attend this event. That is a lot of people packed into the streets of Detroit to run and walk. I have reviewed the course maps and it seems after the first half we are separated from the 1 mile group and from the 5K walkers so maybe it will not be too crowded the entire time (I really don't think that since even if only 1/4 of the people do the 5K run that is still a LOT of people). I think my plan is to just do my best and enjoy myself as much as I can. I am not going to a personal record or for a medal so we will see.

One thing I am looking forward to is who I am going with. My mom and sister-in-law, Leslie are doing the 5K walk. My wonderful niece said she would run the 5K with me. Now I think that running with a 16 year old is asking for trouble since I don't think I will be able to keep up. She says she is not a runner but we will see tomorrow.

Yesterday I did a pre race trial. I got out my new running belt and put my phone in to see if I can run with my phone. Turns out it was not a problem. Also, I ran with my sunglasses on yesterday since it was 3:30pm and I knew I had to because of the sun. That worked well too! I also thought through what I was going to wear. I really did not have a plan but after some thought I am going to wear my race T-Shirt since it is the RFTC one and that is the reason for the day!

Tomorrow morning should be interesting, let's just hope I can do it without making a complete fool of myself.

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