Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is it fair of me to do this race?

I have been so excited about having this amazing and fun goal ahead of me. I have been planning, thinking and training about how to make this happen and to make it perfect. Well, tonight I think I hit a wall. It isn't the training, it isn't the timing, I am worried about the cost. This seems so selfish of me to be spending this much to run 13.1 miles. I could do the Detroit 1/2 marathon for a fraction of the cost.  So far this is where things stand:

Hotel/Accommodations:  $1360*
Flight:                              $300
Race Registration:           $120
Costume/Accessorites:    $100
CheerTeam for Jeff:          $99**
Race Retreat for me:       $110
Plus food and other fun stuff

* This is for a 2 bedroom villa for Friday-Sunday nights. Leslie and Andy are coming with us at this point so we have to upgrade to a 2 bedroom so we can all be comfortable. Figuring that we could rent these points out for $10 per point this is what we could get if we rented them. It is not a true cost since we have the DVC points for us to use but once we use them, they are gone if that makes sense.

**I am honestly not sure about this expense. I really want to do the Race Retreat as a bonus to myself. In order for Jeff to join me in there after the race, he has to join the CheerTeam. Now, for some people this is great. They get reserved seating around the course and in the Magic Kingdom and at the finish line. Problem is for those who know my husband, I am not even sure if he will be awake when I finish the race, let alone at the finish line and ready to have the celebration breakfast. I think when this comes down to it, he is going to have to decide. I understand running is not this thing so I do not expect to see him on the course but at the end would be wonderful. We shall see.

When all is said and done, this is going to be one VERY expensive weekend. Maybe I should just pick a different race. I might have to talk to Jeff about this sometime soon.

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