Sunday, March 10, 2013

My first real run since the Princess

I say real run because I had done another slow and short run earlier in the week but this was the first time I got everything together to go out with a goal in mind. Earlier this week I had gone out since it was nice and sunny but the 30 degrees felt a lot colder than I had planned and the run ended with a neighborhood dog wanting to pace me. I gave up.

Today I had an hour to get my run in and get back because I thought Jeff had to work today (turns out he didn't but forgot to tell me).

I was worried that this run was not going to go a lot better since 90 seconds in I realized that while my Garmin was keeping time it was not logging the distance. So I shut off the workout and restarted. NOW, I was in business.

The weather today was perfect. Capris and my Princess Half t-shirt from the race made me feel happy and the weather just made me smile. It was about 50 when I went out and the sun was shining. Days like this make living in Michigan great.

I only got in 4.5 miles (due to what I thought was my time limit) but it felt good to get out there. I had not taped with knee since I was not going over 6 miles but I will admit my right knee was not thrilled with me at the end. I could run but it was sore. I guess now that my left knee survived my first half, my right wants some attention. Not my first choice but whatever.

I am just glad to be running again and that the days are getting longer. With Jeff's long hours I know am going to have to be creative with my running but I have my next race in a month and I have goals I will meet! (even with tape on my knees)!!

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  1. Great job Erin; please share your creative ideas for working in workouts - I need to figure out how to carve in some more time for working out - but I would venture to say my biggest issue is just being too darn tired... and lazy! =) You are inspiring.