Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Princess Half Marathon Weekend--Part 5 (The Race Results)

After the race, Jeff surprised me with a wonderful gift! I had mentioned that I loved this necklace a few months ago and he had ordered it for me to give to me after the race. Since he knew I could not wear my medal forever, this is something from him to always remember the weekend. It says 13.1 Princess

This was the finish line before it got crazy! As you can see by the time, the first place race, Rachel Booth (who has won this race twice) actually set a course record and finished in 1:17 which is amazing!

As I said, my finish was not exactly where I had wished it to be but I had made the choice to have fun on the course and not go for a time. Disney provided this wonderful finisher's certificate online:

When I got home, I did upload the information from my Garmin and I was pleasantly surprised:

My moving time was actually only 2:36:56!! And I also forgot to shut off my watch right away so it added a little over a minute! Now I know what I can do and I am happy.

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