Sunday, March 3, 2013

Princess Half Marathon--Part 3 (the night before the race)

After we got done at the Expo and were on the bus back to the resort I was feeling really happy. We had finished everything in about 90 minutes and aside from not getting to meet Jeff Galloway, I had got to do everything I wanted. Then I got a text from a friend reminding me that the PbRC meet up was going on at Coronado Springs. In my excitement to be done, I completely forgot. It was too late to get back there so I was a little disappointed. I do know that over Labor Day I will have a lot more time for meet ups and things like that and I will make sure to put them into my calendar instead of relying on my mind to keep things straight!

We got back to the resort, dumped our stuff and headed to Hollywood Studios for some park time! We decided to walk since I was still sore from the flight and I wanted to get moving. First stop was Guest Services to get our Annual Passes activated! Jeff and I are now official AP holders for the next year! Thanks to the awesome DVC discount it made it possible. We were not offered the RFID cards so I am hoping when we head back in June we can change these in. While Magic Kingdom has the new entrances complete for those cards, Hollywood Studios and Epcot are still working on them.

We headed in and got a couple pictures from the PhotoPass people (I will post those once I get the pictures). First stop was Tower of Terror for a FastPass. The return time was about 40 minutes later and the standby line was showing 30 minutes so we decided that instead of walking around we would just get in the standby line. It took FOREVER! I love this ride though.

Jeff had worn his Michigan shirt today and I could not believe the amount of people who yelled out "GO BLUE" as we walked by. It was really fun.

We rode ToT and got right back in the FastPass line and rode again really quick. We decided that since we did not have the kids with us we would go check out some other stuff. Streets of America was a fun walk as always though every time I walk down it, I have to admit, I don't get it. Just seems like a lot of wasted space for just atmosphere. Finally we got to the Great Movie Ride and since it was walk on we rode. I have to admit, I have not been on this ride in YEARS and I really enjoyed it. I even think we can get Abby on to it in June!!

We were going to do the Backlot Tour but when we asked the Cast Member at the entrance how long the ride was he said it could be up to 40 minutes. I am SO GLAD I asked because we had our pre race dinner in an hour at Epcot so it would have been too close for my taste.

We slowly made our way back to the entrance/exit and then we realized the boat was just getting ready to leave so in all my wisdom, we ran! It was OK but the sprint in my Crocs sandals was not the best choice!

Now it was time for our late lunch/early dinner at Le Cellier. I had been training using steak and potatoes as a my pre race meal. Not exactly what the experts recommend but it worked for me so I was going with the not changing anything before a race.

We got seated right at 3:30pm and got the new menu. It look me a minute but it turns out the menus are backlit! They turn on when you open them. It was funny looking around and seeing people opening and closing them.

I had put on our ADR that I was avoiding garlic since I did not want to take any chances before the race so the Chef came out to go through the menu with me in case some things had hidden garlic. I had really been hoping he could make the risotto without any but he said he couldn't. I also could not have the Cheddar Cheese soup which is so good but with the dairy and garlic, not good right before a race.

I had the Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese and the filet with roasted potatoes. Everything was really tasty and the steak was PERFECT! Jeff had the Cheddar Cheese soup and the filet with the mushroom risotto.

From there we left Epcot and spent some time just people watching on a bench by the Beach Club beach. It was so relaxing and nice.  We then walked along the Boardwalk. We ended up at the Wyland Gallery and they had an artist there, Michael Godard. Both Jeff and I really liked several of his pieces and if we had bought one that night he would have dedicated it to us but we were just not ready to commit. We were not exactly sure where one of them would fit in the house. There were a couple that would have looked good downstairs but it just wasn't "right".

It was starting to get late and it was time for me to head to the room and get ready for bed! Jeff walked me back and hung out while I got all my race stuff together, and took a relaxing bath in the HUGE tub. He decided to head back to the Boardwalk and I went to sleep. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to sleep but by 9pm I was out!  Next up, Race Day!

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