Sunday, March 31, 2013

And Training Begins Again!

With my upcoming races, I have to kind of focus and stay on so kind of schedule.  It has been hard but now that it is staying lighter later and it is warmer outside it is starting to get easier again.

Friday was the best day I have had since Princess! I got really lucky and I had the day off since it was good Friday. We took the kids to a marshmallow drop in the morning and then we went to Costco. After that I left the kids to take a nap at my mom's and I set out for a good 10 mile run. I decided to mix things up so I actually headed south for the beginning, came back for a drink, out to the nature center, back for a drink and then I grabbed my new handheld water bottle I got before Princess (just in case) and set off for my mom's!

First, I HATE running with something to drink. It hate the sloshing and I just cannot find a good way to get comfortable. I have tried my camelback hydration belt and it is too big (well the big one in the back is too big, I think if it was just the two small ones it would be perfect but those are small). The handheld was not too bad but still not my favorite. I kept a really good pace until the last mile. I don't know why by mentally I was just kind of done with it. I made it 10 miles in under 2 hours which had me happy.

I did go into my mom's and got a bottle of water. BIG mistake. I should have just filled up my bottle and kept going. Instead I took a little rest (like 5 minutes) and once I had the bottle of water I did not want to run again so I decided I would walk home. That was almost 3 miles and walking was far more boring than walking!

Overall it was awesome. I felt great. i used the SpiderTech X strips on both knees and I had NO knee problems at all. I did order some KT Tape since they are a new sponsor for PbRC so I wanted to support a sponsor (plus they had a great sale going). I hope it works as well for me!

As the night went on my heel was basically cramping. It was so weird and so I got out a foot brace I had bought a long time ago. I wore it to bed and it felt a lot better today.

Tomorrow I want to get back out even if it is back to the gym for a couple miles. I know I am in a taper for my next race but I want to make sure to get in at least 4 more runs in the next 2 weeks. I would rather get in 5 or 6 but anything will have to be better than the 2 weeks before Princess were I think I got in 2. I honestly am so excited to run again and have a chance to run for a time! I am holding off on setting my goals until next week to see how I am feeling but I am starting to develop them in my head!

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