Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some days are just better than others

Today was perfect! It was a beautiful day. It was about 67 and a clear blue sky. Perfect running conditions one would think. I was so excited. I had to wait until the afternoon to run so someone could stay with the kids but I was ready. I had on my purple SparkleSkirt and my new Princess Posse Bondi Band that we just got and I was psyched.

Needless to say, about 1/2 mile into my planned 10 miles I knew that this was not going to be the perfect run. I was feeling slow and I was dragging. I was just off. My pace was slow, my legs were like lead, my right shoe felt too tight and my left too loose. I was warmer than I was used to and EVERYONE was cutting their grass since it was the first nice day in forever.

I fought through a really ugly 3 miles before I finally just said that today was not the day. I am going to try and get out tomorrow if it works with the rain and with Jeff playing golf (which was why today was MY DAY to run). I want to improve my speed but if I am fighting through ugly runs how am I going to do that?

And add to that, my run on Thursday was AWESOME. It was one of those that just felt right from start to finish and I wanted to do more.

I have to get mentally into this and make sure that I am hydrating and eating each day like I am going for a long run. I have to give 100% to this because I have a lot of amazing races coming up and I want to do better.

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