Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get Out and Run (a June Stridebox Review)

This month I was excited to see what Stridebox had to offer me. My cute little brown box could not have come on a better day. I had had a long day and it gave me something to look forward to.

I opened my cute box with the blue paper just makes me smile. I loved opening it up and seeing all the surprises.

First thing that I noticed was the Get Out and Run sticker. It set the whole vibe for some reason.

This box actually contained less food stuff this month which was a nice change from the other boxes from other places. First there was a set of locking laces by Lock Laces. I don't have trouble with my laces but I am going to put them in my back up shoes and give them a try. If I love them, I will get another pair for my training/race shoes!

Next thing that I pulled out was the Foot Rubz ball. The little green ball has the little nubby things all over and is a hard ball that is perfect for those nights when your feet are hurting. The kids even had run trying this one out.

The other none food/fuel thing was from Blue Steel Sports--It is an Anti-Chade Cream with Tea Tree Oil. I will be saving this to try out soon.

Now for the foods/fuels.

  • Skratch Labs included an Exercise Hydration Mix. I have not had good luck with these but I will give it  a shot.
  • Pocket Fuel had Almond Butter with a Kick in Banana and Blueberry in a neat squeeze pouch. Looks good
  • Electro Delytes Citrus Bars for before or during activity also look really tasty.
  • Finally, the thing I think I am most excited for. PowerIce Frozen Refreshing Ice Bar with Electrolytes! I but these in the freezer immediately since with the temperatures increasing I know I am going to love these "frozen things". 
After this month, Stridebox has moved into the lead as my FAVORITE subscription box. I am so excited for next month!

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