Saturday, April 6, 2013

Race Nightmares with Disney memories added in

My next Half Marathon is exactly 1 week from today. Hard to believe that in terms of knowing if I can do it or not, I am OK but now that I have one under my belt I think it is time for me to panic about other things. Last night I had way too much to eat at the Melting Pot so maybe that was what led to my nightmare or maybe it is just early race jitters, who knows, either way, I am going to make sure my dream does not become reality.

My dream was set at the Martian Half which was strange since I have never been to the course. In my dream it was actually the corrals at Princess. As I was waiting for the race to start in the dark (this race starts at 8:45am so it will NOT be dark), I looked down and saw I was wearing black shorts and my Princess in Training pink shirt. That was not right at ALL. Jennifer and I had carefully coordinated our outfits for the Martian purple and green theme. So I told my mom that I had to run home to change since it was only around the corner (don't I wish).

So I ran home, changed and got back only to discover I did not have my race bib or any of my fuel. Actually there was NOTHING in my SparkleSkirt pockets. Who wears a SparkleSkirt without taking advantage of the pockets? So I did what every normal runner does in the middle of the night, I went home a 2nd time to get everything.

By the time the race started/I woke up, I was so stressed out and flustered that I was completely unsure how the race would go.

Now, I will make sure that I have everything out and ready for the race, especially since it is a good 30 minute drive to the start. There are so real things I am slightly worried about but I really cannot control them so I am trying to not worry. First, I have read parking SUCKS and since the half is the last race of the day to start we will be getting there after the Marathon, 5K and 10K runners. Second, it is supposed to rain a good part of the beginning of this week. Most runners would say "So, that isn't race day" except this race goes along an area that is quite often closed for flooding (someone though building a road below the water table made sense) so I have no idea what happens if the road is flooded. If cars can't use it, how in the world can we run on it? Maybe it will turn into a swim instead? Finally, Abby and my mom are coming out and they are planning to come with me and stay the entire time. I am worried they will be cold, bored, lost, unhappy, frustrated and a whole bunch of unpleasant things.

And I am also slightly concerned because I have not put in as many miles as I had wanted to. My foot was really tight and I figured rest would be better than miles at this point. I hope I am right come next weekend!!

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