Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston 4-15-13

As I sit here writing, I don't even really have the right words about today. This morning I was so excited to watch the Boston Marathon streaming. I was able to catch the 2nd-4th place women cross and it was so amazing. The energy and knowing what people did to get there. Boston is not even on my bucket list because to qualify at my current pace, I would need to be over 80 years old but I have respect for those there.

Then as the afternoon continued the horrible news came out of Boston. Two explosions rocked the finish line. As of now there are 2 people deal and over 100+ hospitalized with about 20 critical. People watching the finish were in the direct line of the explosions and runners who had dreamed of crossing the line in Boston will forever remember today instead of the joy they should be feeling tonight.

The people who were crossing the line were average people, people who run for fun and are dedicated  People who trained hard and qualified to run in the oldest marathon. They were there to earn what they had worked so hard for.

Someone evil has taken that dream from many people. The loss of life, the injuries and the scars to the psyche of runners and American people alike.

Over the last year I have met some amazing people through running. I love how I feel when I run and what I get from it. I never will have the chance to run Boston but not because of the events of today but because I will never qualify. That is OK for me but I will not let this stop me from running. While I will have fear in the back of my mind at large races, sick people will NOT take this away from me.

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