Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running for Boston

After the events of in Boston the running community seemed to come together and Run For Boston. Most people will never qualify to run in Boston but we can all run at home for them. It is small and it won't change anything but it does make you feel like you are doing something that is for sure.

There were two main run distances out there to complete. First is the 2.62 (which is 1/10 of a marathon--WOW, now that put my distance goal for Detroit into a new light). The second one was 4.09 which was the time shown on the finish line clock when the first bomb went off. I cannot imagine ever being able to complete a marathon in 4 hours but it is still a major time goal for many which was why it was so crowded at the finish line at that time.

This week was kind of crazy with rain and a lot of things going on in the evenings plus I was trying to rest my foot/ankle after last weekend. Today it was BEAUTIFUL out and I knew I needed to get at least a decent run in. I was not sure of how far to run so I decided that the 2 run distances together would make a great recovery/restart run.

I did the 2.62 first because I am working on my need to hydrate. I am finding that I am very focused on water during races and based on talking to more experienced runners, I should be able to do a 5K or longer without a water/drink break. I felt awesome today!! I did a really fast first part and came in at under 11 minute miles! Plus, NO KNEE or ankle pain!

Now the next part was not quite as fast and I am not sure if I slowed down that much or if my Garmin lost some accuracy in the nature center. My pace dropped HUGE while in there and I did not feel that much slower. At the end, I really still felt great and while I ran with music (some people were running 26.2 minutes of the work out in silence) I did use this time as a time to contemplate things and look inside me. It was a good personal time and I felt mentally more centered when I was done.

I have completed a half marathon and I have the Detroit Full in my sites but I want to improve my times, I really want to get below a 2:30 for a half. I know I can but it is going to take FOCUS and renewed commitment. Now just to figure it out.

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